G.Lee Gallery - Galveston Island's Most Unique Art Showcase
Visit the G.Lee Gallery in historic downtown Galveston Island, Texas  2215 Postoffice Street.
S I G N I F I C A N T   P A I N T I N G S

"Lillian Arnold
 Water Color Collection"

White Owl Marbles, Water Color, 11"x 14" $150

'"Painting is something you do. Like sewing, knitting or making bird houses. 
We may see things differently sometimes but painting is not a mysterious process". 
 Meet Lillian Arnold, a long time Texan, with her late husband, raised three sons
 She began to paint later than most, now 85 years young she continues to paint daily,
 teach painting and mentor other painters.
G.Lee Gallery is the showcase for George Douglas Lee's vivid paintings,
 prints, music and children's books.

For collectors, new home owners, decorators  and visitors who would like a unique memento of their trip to Galveston  - don't miss the G.Lee Gallery.

                                                  Thank you!
George Douglas Lee, Resident Artist

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George Douglas Lee: 409 370-7350

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