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G.Lee Art Gallery represents a select few Guest Artists, carefully chosen for quality and style.  See an artist's work you'd like to learn more about? Contact us for more.

Elaine Monnig

Elaine Monnig’s show “Unity and Variety” features plein air pastel and oils. Ms. Monnig has won a number of awards and recognition for her work.  She has painted en plein air (out of doors) throughout the United States, England, France, Italy, Scotland and Switzerland, drawing inspiration from beautiful landscapes around the world. Ms. Monnig says that she loves to be “absorbed in painting from life whether it is a breathtaking view or capturing the innocence of a child at play”.

Elena Hernandez

Voted People's Choice and received Honorable Mention during the gallery's SWAN event, Ms. Hernandez has captured art lovers hearts. With artistic influences ranging from Frida Kahlo to H. R. Giger, Ms. Hernandez's show combines her emotionally engaging portraits with a female monster series.  Currently working in characoal, water color and pastels.

Lawrence Rudolech Oil Painter

Broadway Heroes, 20
A native of Madison, Indiana, Lawrence (Larry) Rudolech has spent most of his life admiring and studying the simple, natural beauty of our nation’s great out-doors. His childhood was spent hanging out at the local Boy's Club. The Boys Club cultivated his artistic career, providing him with his first set of oil paints.
 A high school art teacher said that “as a young artist Larry had an ability to take nothing and turn it into something special”.
Larry did not take up his fine art career again until the late 1990's. Since that time he has traveled the United States entering and winning numerous awards for his art. He feels his painting has returned him to his first inspirations to paint, wandering the country side and back roads admiring the beauty 

Lillian Arnold  Watercolorist   
Peppers, 16
Lillian Arnold began painting a little later than most - well into her 50's - but when she began she did with intensity, desire and purpose. Now 85, Lillian is an engaging, thoughtful watercolorist. She actively teaches and shows her work through out Texas and Louisiana. 

Oil Painter
Alone, Oil on Canvas, 27Svetlana Bazaman was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and immigrated via Israel to Galveston. Her first exposure to the cultural arts involved reciting children’s poems by Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Svetlana’s oil paintings clearly reflect a childhood spent in a Russian orphanage. The rich colors capture a brooding loneliness,  quiet intensity and introspection characteristic of the Russian influence on her work.  

"When I lived in Lithuania, I saw and lived thru Russian oppression. The city’s buildings were old, crumbling, pre-World War II," she observes. "In my paintings, I could change that. I think it affected my style, my use of bright colors -  Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake always stirs my heart."

Dale Bunting 

Red Fish, Wood, 13
Dale Bunting a native Houstonian,  spent his teenage years surfing, fishing and hunting.  With a talent for art, working with his hands and a love of nature, he started making wooden replicas of fish.   His friends thought the fish replicas were cool and wanted them.  Dale was soon selling them to friends and a business called Fish Sticks was born.  
The wooden fish replicas are handcrafted to resemble Texas Game Fish.  Dale personally searches for driftwood on the seashore.  He carves them to resemble Texas Game Fish and hand paints each one with authentic detail.  Dale's Fish Sticks have been covered by the  Houston Chronicle, Caller Times, Rockport Visitor Guide, Houston Design Magazine, and others.  He has received numerous awards.  

Heather Schiappa
Fiber Artist

Fiber artist, Heather Schiappa, owner and creator of Silkendipity. Shop her fall and holiday 2015 collection. Whimsical hand painted silks and scarves. Her love of color and a delicate touch can be seen in her unique hand made necklaces, brooches and hair ornaments.

All natural fiber silk necklace $40


An Equilibrium, Acrylic on Board, $500

Bud Clayton, describes his art as reflecting the ravages of time and the forces of nature upon everyday objects we encounter in our lives.

Tuner, Acrylic on Board, $550Colorful and rich with texture, often created with knives, brushes and sandpaper, he carefully removes paint to expose what’s beneath in the layered compositions. The paintings are colorfully brash, bold and unapologetic. Looking for something for your living space or work space, Clayton's art works.

Mardi Mitchell
Water Colorist

Seabird, original watercolor, $200Galvestonian Mardi Mitchell’s  art is delicate and serene. Ms. Mitchell works entirely in watercolor. Ms. Mitchell, a retired architect, mixes painting, art and architecture. She has received a number of awards for her work.

Robert Guicheret

Ascension of Anne, 60
Robert Guicheret is an IBC (islander by choice). Born in London, emigrated to Canada as a teen, with a major in art from the University of Manitoba in Winnepeg.  Bob shows his work both here and in Toronto. The art is bold, dynamic and striking. Working in in oil and acrylic on canvas that he hand stretches on frames that he makes himself.


 "I personally find and feel that art is a universal language, it communicates and speaks with every person it touches, it heals," states Ellis. "People understand that art emotes and connects to them on a personal level. Art has value and meaning, it's a gift to always be treasured and shared. Art improves our quality of life."
Mr. Ellis’ artwork has been shown at the Rosa Parks Museum; Tulane University’s permanent collection; and featured in Southern Living and Newsweek.

Laundry Day, oil, 8
"Laundry Day"
By Ted Ellis


Ms. East, a two-time Fulbright Scholar, finds inspiration from around the world. Most recently Ms. East has painted in Italy, Spain, and enthusiastically paints the Texas Gulf coast. Eclectic, energetic, spiritual always vibrant in color describes Ms. East’s art.  Impressionistic and abstract, the show “Rocking It With Color” features work in pastel and oil.

Rene Palmer Armstrong
Canvas and Glass

Canvas and Glass #155, 24 x 24, $550Rene' specializes in combining fused-glass creations with her love of painting to create unique shadowbox canvas paintings. She loves working with dichroic glass, created in the 1960’s by the aerospace program to help solve the problem of heat-shield failure during NASA's spacecraft re-entry to earth's atmosphere.   When combined with her art, the glass glows like a thousand gemstones.  
A two-time cancer survivor, Rene' with an insatiable zest for life, satisfies her creative desires by  painting and writing.  She is the author of Wings and a Ring: Letters of War and Love from a WWII Pilot.


Brendan Martinez has had a lifelong interest in art. Challenged by his high school art teacher, he completed his first painting “Chief Joseph” and promptly won a scholastic award from the Wichita Museum of Art.  He continued his art studies at Bowie State University, Maryland.

Mr. Martinez, originally from Hutchinson, Kansas, has recently moved to  Texas. We are delighted that this bright, emerging talented artist has chosen Galveston county for his home. Mr. Martinez says it best:  “There is magic behind creating. I believe this magic is God doing his work through us. We are His tools working to make mankind better. We have a responsibility to share our abilities and spark others with inspiration.”

Color Pencil Artist

"I began working with colored pencils and have been hooked ever since. I love the challenge of creating drawings with lots of texture and details.  
I look for the unusual, the things  that people leave behind, whether lost or ignored.  My hope is that these seemingly simple subjects, intimate landscapes, will catch the attention of the viewer and create a connection for them as they have for me." 
Riding the Elissa, Watercolor pencil and Watercolor, 14Lienhart's work has been displayed in the Colored Pencil Society of America’s International Exhibitions (2005, 2006, 2011) and in 2011, where she achieved“ signature status”.

"Riding The Elissa"
By Suzanne Lienhart

Watercolor pencil and watercolor
14" x 20"
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