G.Lee Art Gallery - Art by Keith Clark
G.Lee Art Gallery - Galveston Island's Most Unique Art Showcase
Art By Keith Clark
Born in the Mississippi Delta and remained there until his late 20’s, Keith received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi with a major in pottery.
On moving to Houston in 1981, he left his art behind and went to work. Recently retired, Keith will tell you he hasn’t “really done any artwork since graduation. It’s been challenging and fun starting over, relearning what I’ve forgotten. A long way to go, but it’s the journey that counts.”
Keith paints beach landscapes, sand dunes and his memories of the Mississippi Delta. His landscapes have a feeling of silence, stillness, a bit lonely and romantic and very much of the place.
Appreciators of Keith’s art often find his work as "something remembered."  The paintings are real places  as seen through his memory, but time traveled.

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