G.Lee Art Gallery - Art by Sherrie Kostura
G.Lee Art Gallery - Galveston Island's Most Unique Art Showcase
Sherrie Kostura
Sherrie can't remember a time when she didn't have the desire to draw or paint. As a self-taught artist, she began developing her craft at age 9 when she did my first oil painting of my 2-year old sister, Cathy.

 Sherrie says, "I especially love depicting children with animals. Being a native Texan, I also enjoy drawing Western themes.
Although I work from photos, I feel that I am able to capture the spirit and personality of my subjects."

Sherrie's  achievements include numerous Purchase Awards and First Place awards, including a First Place grand prize win in the Prismacolor National Art Competition.  Most recently, I was commissioned by the U.S. District Court (the Southern District of New York) for portraits of all 14 past and present Chief Justices, which are now on display in the Manhattan Courthouse.

Her portraits are done primarily in pencil, or a mixed media of pastel and colored pencil which allow the  development of more precise details and sharpness unattainable through other mediums.
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