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Brushes By the Beach Plein Air 2022 Winners

From our Juror Ebrahim Amin,

          Thank you to all the artists for entering a juried show, I extend my appreciation and recognition of your work. It has been a pleasure reviewing the pieces that were submitted. I hope everyone had a great time painting outdoors.   Keep up the good work!

Best of Show - George D. Lee Memorial Award

"Biker Rally Weekend" by Arthur Deatly, 

 16" x 20", Acrylic

"A dynamic, well designed painting. The artist has dared to choose and manage a complicated subject. Great urban scene, very different subject, good interest factor. This artist did a great job of it, well done!"  

John and Betsy

First Place Award  

"Canoe Built For Two" by Kathy Hammond, Oil, 10" x 8"

" Good composition, with excellent color balance. The central interest - the canoes - are in the right place with subtle green background lighting. Mix of horizontal and vertical images. Would like to launch a canoe for a spin." 

Veritas Research 

Second Place Award

"Coppersmith Inn" by Suzanne Peterson, Watercolor,  14" x 16"

"What a beautiful design, with just enough detail and pleasant colors. The more you look,  more intricacies are discovered making the piece even more endearing. The painting is reflective of the building's time and place and the Island's history."

Sharon D' Orsie

 Third Place Award

"Ready For Adventure" by Lisette McClung, 

 Oil,  16 " x 8"

"Strong color values and design. The artist choose just the right size canvas for this subject. The painting highlights the lighting, composition and reflection of sky and water. Makes you want to step aboard." 

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