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Brushes By the Beach Plein Air

Art Contest Is Closed For 2023

Please Check Back With Us Next Year 

Registration Now Open For 2023


Contest Rules:

 Entry Fee : $35 for one; $10 for each additional entry 

Plein air painting dates: October 5 - October 21, 2023.


Submissions: Have closed for 2023


Entries: Contest accepts painting created outdoors only and within the U.S.A.. Studio work is not allowed. Paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, crayon, graphite, pen and ink, or pastel are acceptable. No photographs or portions of photographs may be used. All entries must be originals. Each entry submitted requires the payment of the entry fee. Artists must be 16 years or older.


Painting Specifications: Sizes are to be no smaller than 5"x 7" or larger than 16"x 20". Framed submissions may be no larger than 18" x 22". IF the artist is selected by the juror and wishes to submit their art for sale it must be shipped, priced, labeled and wired by the artist. G. Lee Gallery will retain 40% commission for artwork sold during the event and show period. NO SALES of art once shipped to the Gallery may be made directly by the artist for the duration of the event.


Check In: Artists must provide a "selfie" of themselves and their art while creating the art that they submit. Unlike past events canvas's will NOT be stamped at the G. Lee Gallery. Only plein air art created during the event time frame October 5 - October 22 will be accepted in the contest for judging or accepted for sale. Deadline to submit your art is midnight October 22, 2023. Complete and submit the "Registration Form". Upload one jpg of each of your entries plus your selfie (one is enough) for each painting submitted via the above "Registration Form".


Hanging: Juror will select art to be placed for sale at the G. Lee Gallery. IF your art is selected and you wish to have it hang at the Gallery, art must be carefully wired, ready to hang, tagged with the artist's name, size, media and price. Wiring, and framing (artist preference) are the sole responsibility of the artist. Shipping charges (both to the Gallery and return in the event the piece does not sell) must be PREPAID by the artist. Juror selected art will hang at the Gallery October 27 - November 8, 2023. 


Sale: IF your art is selected by the juror, submitting your art for sale is OPTIONAL. Sales will take place at the G. Lee Gallery and on-line immediately following judging and for the duration of the event. Only art selected by the juror, will be shown for sale at G. Lee Gallery. Contact the Gallery for additional instruction. G. Lee Gallery reserves the right to remove paintings that do not conform to the rules or are deemed offensive.


Judging: Will be conducted at the close of the contest October 22 - 25,

2023. Winners will be notified on or about October 25, 2023.


Cash prizes to be announced. Awards will be announced at the reception (date to be determined)  and mailed to recipients.


Show: Art will be offered for sale at the completion of judging, Friday, October 27, 2023 thru the event’s on-line closing.


Liability: G. Lee Gallery is not liable or responsible for any accidents, loss, damage or injury as a result of participation.


Questions: Call Brenda Lee: 409-370-7350 or email:

Would You Like to be a Sponsor?

Support Levels

Benefactor - $500

You will receive: recognition on the event website; recognition in any advertisement about the event; naming opportunity for one of the prize categories;  and, a reception invitation.

Patron - $250

You will receive: recognition on the event website; recognition in any advertisement about the event; and a reception invitation.

Friend - $125

You will receive: recognition on the event website.

Paint Buddy - $50

A BIG thank you and our enduring gratitude.


Pay by CHECK: write your check to G. Lee Gallery.

Mailing address: G. Lee Gallery, 2200 Market Street, Suite 735, Galveston, TX 77550

Advertisers and Sponsors helping us get kids outdoors

to paint plein air with our non-profit partner Artist Boat

are greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

You are greatly appreciated!

Sharon D'Orsie

Mr. Mark McKinnon

Mayor Jim Yarbrough

Susan Johnston Forever Well

Be4Ever Well Nikken Products

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