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Drinkin' Margaritas With the Lord

A visual survey of renaissance man George Douglas Lee's art and lyrics inspired by Galveston Island's unique community, distinct island atmosphere, wildlife and beachlife. Soulful and soothing, insightful and irreverent, Lee's art is paired with his vibrant poetic lyrics. Never before published, readers will find Lee's work astonishing and immersive.

Drinkin' Margaritas With The Lord Receives Blue Ribbon

"Drinkin' Margaritas With the Lord, 

Art and Lyrics  by George Douglas Lee" 

receives First Place Award

 in the digital art category from the National Society of Artists. 

National Society of Artists mission is to meet the needs of artist who work in all media, rather than just one. A unifying force between artists of different media, styles, techniques and outlooks,  NSA members chart strive for artistic excellence. NSA includes all the visual arts – photography, painting, drawing, computer-generated, sculpture and more. 

Drinkin' Margaritas With the Lord Receives NIEA Finalist Award

"Your book embodies the standards of excellence that this award was created to celebrate. We salute your talents and our jurors truly respect each of the final works that are honored this year. The 17th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards (NIEA) are proud to recognize this submission in this year's impressive competition."

An established leader in publishing award contests,

 The National Indie Excellence® Awards are open to recent English language books in print from independent authors and

 small to medium sized publishers across many genres. 

 NIEA champions self-publishers and independent publishers who produce the highest quality books. 

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