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Children's Books

The fun is not over. Written and illustrated by George Douglas Lee, these books are loved by children and adults. 

A Kringle Dingle Christmas

The Kringles and the Dingles live on opposite sides of an ancient wall. No one remembers who built it or why, though each "tribe" has it own ancient scary myth. A child's curiosity and Christmas eggnog causes the wall to come tumbling down. A heartwarming Christmas story of diversity and acceptance.

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Oppy Stops the Hopping Popper

A whimiscal rhyming tale of a boy followed relentlessly by a large, but pleasant toad. Reminiscent of Dr. Suess in tone and humor. $10 plus shipping

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Twyla the Truffle Pig

Delightfully illustrated children's rhyming book, young Twyla is trained to find truffles. But something seems to be wrong with her snout. She finds everything but truffles. When she finally succeeds, she's faced with danger. In the end, Twyla overcomes her underachiever status and succeeds. $10 plus shipping

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The Wolf Who Cried Boy

The Big Bad Wolf is getting old and can't scare children anymore. He makes a wish to be a little boy. But when the wish comes true, he learns you should be careful what you wish for. $10 plus shipping

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